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  • A little bit about Aunt Jemima for non-Americans:

    The image of Jemima isn’t bad because it depicts a racial stereotype. Or not just that. The image of the Black domestic is a symbol of wealth and power. It’s meant to inspire a sense of nostalgia for the times when children were raised and food was served with black hands.

    The image of the black domestic was as wide-spread, public domain, and as common as images of Uncle Sam or George Washington. It’s a cultural touchstone, and just like the Rebel Flag, that it might make people uncomfortable is half the point.

    Aunt Jemima gets at the heart of race relations in the United States. She’s a caricature of blackness, created by white people, for other white people, that somehow every black American has to confront, even if only to rebel against it. Because once something has become a powerful cultural image of what you are, to most people, and maybe to yourself, you’re defined by the stereotype, even if it’s only in how far you deviate from it.

  • A better question is can a dating app be good?

    Around 2010, every tech bro that’s creaming shorts over AI today was trying to figure out how to make money behind the fact that everyone had smartphones. But it turned out, that smartphones can’t solve every problem.

    Dating I would argue, is just one of those things tech made worse. Never mind how often the damn thing fails, think about the conditions where it would function well. A dystopian world where everything is shallow and operating on incel-math.

    And how could it be otherwise? Dating apps are just math people trying to solve for love. This is the plot to a comedy movie, not a business plan.